Thursday, June 19, 2008

After Big Savage


Gigs said...

Hi Jake! Your packages came. There were two, and I missed them on the first day they were delivered. Instead of FedEx leaving a slip on the door with a tracking number and the box marked "will return tomorrow at ___" checked off (you know, like normal), the slip had "I WAS HERE 301) 456 7891" (I made the number up because I forgot, but it only had the right side of the parenthesis, so I could barely tell it was a phone number) written on it and NOTHING else. I thought a murderer came by and was holding your boxes hostage.

So the next morning, I called the number and it was the FedEx guy, and he clearly was operating outside the policy because when I said I would be leaving in an hour, he said he'd be there "right away" with the packages, because "he wouldn't have to scan them and raise questions" and "it was easier this way". 20 minutes later, there he was! It was a bit unorthodox, but I wouldn't mind if all deliveries had that level of personal interaction. I just wish his note wasn't so fucking creepy. Anyways I have your shit. I hope there weren't more than 2 boxes to begin with! :-)

You should quote this story on your blog. It wouldn't have happened this way if anyone else was sending me something. It's FedEx's special hippie delivery department.

Jake said...

haha glad to hear they came. The Fedex Hippy Department always includes 2 bags of freetos, 1 can of salsa, a bag of corn curls, 2 kit kat bars, and 2 liters of orange soda for no extra price. They only deliver those in the evenings though, after they make sure all the 'special' brownies are delivered so that they don't go stale.

M.D.Mattes said...

Keep ridin' on! It is fun to dream of riding from pittsburgh to dc - but to actually do it... well your pictures already show that it goes well beyond what one might dream.