Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 2 - Dawson to Cumberland 103 miles

So day 2 was a looooong day. I left my Aunt and Uncles house at 6:15am, knowing it would be a long day of riding. I didn't expect it to take me until after sunset to make it there. Things were going smoothly from Dawson, I was making good time and cruised through Connellsville and was headed for Ohiopyle. That's when trouble struck. About 4 miles from Ohiopyle I heard it happen, I got a flat tire. No worries, I thought, I have everything I need to fix this problem, I have both a patch kit and a pump. So I get started on taking the tire off, which is always a pain on this bike since they're on there really tightly. The tires are only 20 centimeters wide, practically the smallest tire you cab purchase. After lots of yanking and frustration, I finally get the tire off. Find the hole and quickly patch it. Put the tube and tire back on and start pumping it up. Only to find that it will only pump up to about 30psi, about a 1/4 of what it usually is. I figure I'll just ride lightly, make it to Ohiopyle and pump it up there. Only it goes completly flat after half a mile. I give in and just walk it another 3 miles. By the time I make it to Ohiopyle I'm running an hour and a half late.
In Ohiopyle I stop at the outdoor store I was at the day before to pick up some items I needed anyway. Then I go back to fixing the flat. Thinking that I didn't have the tube roughed up enough, I try applying another patch. Still doesnt hold. So by the third time, I give up on that tube and go for a new one. Finally it works, but by this time it's already noon, I have 80 miles to Cumberland and it's starting to rain. This is my start of day 2...

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