Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Road Bike Turned Touring Bike

Here's a picture of how my bike looks before the trip. The small
racing saddle has been replaced with a Brooks saddle and a rear bike
rack added on with some zip ties and plastic pieces from the local
hardware store. It's currently raining out, which means the trail may
be a bit wetter than I hoped when I leave tomorrow morning. Rest of
the week looks great though!


Ben said...

When did you pick up the brooks?? Sure is prooty. So I hear you'll be down by Ohiopyle, which is not terrifically far from Ligonier, you know, as long distance tours go. Consider rollin out this way, if it's not ridiculous to suggest it. Oh and another thing, I saw a touring cyclist on my way to Ohiopyle about 2 weeks ago climbing this MASSIVE hill. It was probably 3-4 miles of intense uphill, and we passed the guy on what would have been his 2nd or 3rd mile up it and he was still spinning away. No huffing or puffing. My boss (a former pgh courier) and I looked on in astonishment. Kudos for touring that way. Not for the faint of heart. Send me some updates once in a while. I'm pumped on your behalf.

Jake said...

I got the brooks right before I left for my trip, I heard great things about it. It looks completely beat up and thrashed right now... because it is. It got pretty beat up whenever I set it down a lot of times and saw a lot of rain. However, I kind of prefer the thrashed look that it currently has. And it's sooooo comfortable!