Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 2 - Riding on the raindrops

So I finally make it out of Ohiopyle and I can tell day 2 is going to be much different. First off, it's quiet. I might see a person only once every 10 miles, if that. Some spots I went upwards of 30 miles (approx. 3 hours) and not seeing anyone. Maybe its because it's pouring down rain...

I was worried about the rain when I first left Ohiopyle. I though I would feel like a wet, slimey dog by the end of the day. But it actually ended up being really enjoyable. Taking advantage of no one being around, I showed off my farmers tan to the various squirells, deer and birds I passed, just wearing my spandex shorts. It must have scared them off because they kept running away. I must say, growing up as a BMX kid, I used to make fun of "the spandexers," but they're a must have for long distance and riding in the rain.

So by 4pm the rain finally let up, and as you'll see it got to be quite beautiful out. The trail in Somerset county has to be one of the most beautiful and enjoying parts.

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