Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Me and my uncle Dennis

So I made it to Ohiopyle by the end of day 1. Not knowing where I would sleep, I decided to eat some food in Ohiopyle and head off from there into the woods to sleep. However, I found out from talking to my parents that evening that my uncle Dennis lives in Dawson, about 20 miles away. I ended up getting ahold of him around 9Pm and by 10 had a nice bed to sleep in. The one problem was that I passed Dawson 20 miles earlier on the trip, which meant I'd have to retrace my ride and add 20 miles to day 2, making it a 100+ mile ride. I'll gladly take an extra 20 miles to get a nice bed.


Cagwinator said...

keep on keeping on brother. good to get the updates.


Dan Turis said...

I grew up with a Dawson address. 15428 baby :)