Friday, June 20, 2008

Crossing into Maryland

Once you hit the Eastern Coninental Divide, there are several important things within a few miles. You've got Big Savage and the Mason-Dixon Line. Also, it's all downhill until Cumberland. I took this picture around 7PM and had about 20 miles left to my 100 mile day. I was tired but had to get to Cumberland before sunset, as there's no lights on the trail. With about 10 miles left, my bungie unhooked and Proceeded to wrap around my rear cassette and hit several spokes... while I'm chugging along at 20mph. I was worried that my spokes would be bent beyond repair, my derailler would be stuck in one gear, or not work at all. Fortunately, it all worked fine, except for one of the middle cogs skips, which isn't a big deal.

So I make it into Cumberland and I need to find the house I'm staying at fast, it's getting dark, windy, and I see lightning off in the distance. This isn't good. I know the house is up on a steep hill, the last thing I want to do after 100 miles. By this point it starts POURING and I can't find any street signs. As I'm pushing my bike up a steep hill, the directions to the house come out of my hand. With all the wind, it is soon completly gone. I'm just left guessing and using my phone when I can. After 30 minutes in nasty rain that I didn't want to deal with, I finally find the house. I was glad to see it but frustrated it took so long. As I had an 80 mile ride coming up the next day, I quickly fell asleep so I could be on the road riding by 6AM.

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