Sunday, June 22, 2008

Run for the border and Winchester (Day 6)

I realized I had no photo with a sign whenever I entered WV, so I faked it with this one going in the other direction. You can also see that we're pretty high up at this point

Now in VA.

Under 100 miles to DC!

Anyone know what these things are? I saw plenty of them growing alongside the road.

Miles upon miles of pavement... after the gravel road, I was still happy to see anything remotely paved.

The mountains gave way to flat land and it was smooth sailing for 20 miles into Winchester. This picture was taken looking behind me. Storm clouds were coming and produced some strong winds. Fortunately, they were going in the direction that I was going in and I was able to sustain riding at 25mph for a good amount of time.

About 10 miles outside of Winchester I started seeing McMansions. I think that was the first time I was glad to see suburban sprawl, as I knew I was getting closer to DC. However, after about 10 strip malls and 30 developments, I was over the 'burbs once again.

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