Friday, June 20, 2008

Time to start heading up!

This is a photo of me getting onto Route 55, a new highway in West Virginia. The climb was long and grueling but I loved the bike lane, which was about 6 feet away from the road. Route 55 was a quiet road that very few people were on. This was one of my favorite roads to be on, as it lead to spectacular views and I feel in love with the bicycle path. I think I'm going to write to the engineers or someone to thank them.

This was the view looking back towards Moorefield, the county seat. The town is down in the valley a few miles away.

I need a flash on this camera. It was really bright out that day, but still not very hot, only in the 70's. Unfortunately my back got burnt along the way, the price to pay for looking cool and not wearing a shirt.

This was near the top of the mountain I climbed. A lady slowed down with a bike rack on her roof and gave me a thumbs up and smiled. I found several nice outdoorsy people along the way that were happy to see me out on the road. It makes all the difference when it feels like the motorists are with you rather than conspiring to run you off the road.

To give you an idea of how high this mountain was, Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh is 367ft high. This mountain is 1,200ft. That's like 3 Mt. Washingtons stacked on top of each other! While it wasn't nearly as steep as Mt. Washington, it surely had it beat in height.

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