Friday, June 13, 2008

The Trip Details

This blog revolves around a bicycle ride. Not just any bicycle ride, but a 364 mile bicycle ride that will crisscross the Appalachian mountains, visiting towns time has forgotten, staying in a house that's making history, and finishing in the District of Columbia. I'm going to see things and meet people that I would never see or meet in a car. I look forward to the unexpected and I hope that this blog will allow you to be a part of my life over the course of this next week.

I'll be updating on my iPhone over the course of the trip and when I can, upload pictures from my camera.

Here's the itinerary:
Sunday June 15: Get dropped off in McKeeseport, at the start of the rail trail that will take me to Cumberland, MD. My first day will take me 60 miles along the Youghiogheny River to Ohiopyle, a state park known for its white water rafting and camping. I'll be going off the beaten track, doing some stealth camping along the way in a hammock. Inbetween my starting point and destination for the day lies several towns that were once some of the wealthiest in the nation and are now shells of their past. I'll be going through the railroad town of Connellsville and West Newton and checking out the history and the future there.

Monday:Ohiopyle to Cumberland, 74 miles. This day will be climbing to some of the highest peaks in the commonwealth as I pass over the eastern continental divide and head south of the Mason-Dixon line. Along here lies few towns, but I'm excited to end in Cumberland, the largest city along the trail. I'll be couchsurfing that evening and enjoying some fine food and sights in the city.

Tuesday: This will mark the first day off of the trail for a significant portion as I dive deep into WV to arrive in Lost River, WV after 80 miles. What's in Lost River you ask? A PreFab Project! This is bleeding edge architecture and design theory that I get to live in for three days. I'm not looking forward to the 1,000 foot gravel driveway up a hill, but am excited to see the project at the end of it. Chris has been detailing his project on his blog for several months now and just finished the house about a month ago. I look forward to the silence and peace in the woods, something that has never happened in my life for this extended period of time.

Wednesday, Thursday Time spent out in the cabin.

FridayTo Winchester! Virginia that is. Separating me from Winchester is some massive mountain ranges, one which I will be climbing up my bike on. The mountain is known as Devils Hole, rising 1,500ft above its surroundings. I have no idea what this will be like riding up, but I'm sure experience will soon let me know! After that is a (relatively) uneventful 35 mile ride to Winchester, VA.

Saturday Winchester to D.C. Most of this route will be on a paved bike trail from Purceville, VA to D.C. That will be the easy part, while Winchester to Purceville, about 25 miles, will be a roundabout ride through the exurbs of D.C.

Saturday + 1.5 Weeks: Crashing on couches in D.C. and taking in the city for all it has to offer. I'll be spending lots of time at Big Bear Cafe, what I consider my favorite coffee shop in D.C. After my week and a half there hanging with friends and enjoying more bike riding, I'll be taking the train back, for a lovely ride that will parallel some of my route on the way there.

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